Update from the Oregon Capitol


Last week, our very own Stacie Wyss- Schoenborn, President/CEO of Central Willamette Credit Union went before the Senate Rules Committee for her nomination to the Business Oregon Commission.  The Governor nominated Stacie at the end of last year and today the Oregon Senate voted on her confirmation.  Stacie serves on the Oregon Business & Industry board, the Greater Albany Chamber of Commerce Chair and Linn Benton Community College Board of Education.

Here are a few of the bills we are tracking this short legislative session:

  1. HB4131 – An Individual Development Account (IDA) is an asset building tool designed to enable Oregon families to save a targeted amount for priorities such as home ownership, post-secondary education, and small business ownership. Oregon credit unions support the program because of its strong connection to financial education and asset building. Jo Davis with OnPoint Community Credit Union testified in support of the bill and the GoWest Credit Union Association is part of a large coalition working on funding.

GoWest Testimony in Support

  1. HB4050 – Oregon’s pay equity law makes it an unlawful employment practice for an employer to pay wages or other compensation to any employee at a rate greater than other employees of a protected class for work of a comparable character. Employers may not reduce compensation to comply and are liable for unpaid wages if they violate the pay equity law. HB4050 adds to the list of factors that an employer may use to legally pay employees who perform work of comparable character at different compensation levels.
    GoWest Testimony in Support
  2. HB4155 – The measure requires the Oregon Business Development Department to study infrastructure financing in Oregon, including finance and bonding authority; participatory loans or other lending models for Oregonians who currently experience obstacles securing mortgage loans. This bill was introduced by Representative Gamba who is interested in creating a state bank and this “study” would give the state some background and arguments in support.  The bill is scheduled for a work session (or vote) in the House General Government Committee on Tuesday but has to go to Ways and Means to receive funding.  GoWest is neutral on the bill, but we are following it closely.
  3. HB4153 – Currently, there are no definitions for artificial intelligence in state statute. Without a standardized vocabulary utilized by policymakers and industry professionals, miscommunication and misunderstanding can arise. HB 4153 creates a task force allowing legislators to engage in a collaborative effort with industry experts, researchers, and other stakeholders to establish a shared vocabulary. HB 4153 brings those parties together, along with the legislature’s Legislative Policy and Research Office directing the task force to start with terms and definitions already in use by the U.S. government.  We are watching this bill as it moves through the session.


Go West Credit Union Association has been part of a work group that has been discussing this bill for the past four years.  The measure exempts from execution of judgment or garnishment specific property and funds of judgment debtor. It also repeals statute providing that when debt collector is in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act the debt collector is also in compliance with the requirements of Oregon’s debt collection practices.  An amendment we specifically worked on specifies the process for a court to impose attorney fees and costs to plaintiff or defendant following civil action for unlawful debt collection practices and increases amount of damage award available.

GoWest Testimony “Neutral”


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