Call to Action for Colorado Credit Union Advocates

The Colorado Legislature is considering a measure that is a top Credit Union priority, and the banks are fighting hard to convince them to take an anti-credit union position. We need your help to fight back.

The Colorado Department of Banking Sunset includes a recommendation from the Dept. of Regulatory Agencies that would allow credit unions to purchase bank assets. Legislators will consider this recommendation in the coming weeks and credit unions need to proactively educate our elected officials on the reasons to support our not-for-profit, member-owned, cooperative institutions.

Call to Action.

We are asking for every credit union supporter to reach out to their elected officials using this form.

Please share this link with your all staff, board, and any other credit union supporters you know and ask them to send emails to their elected officials. The goal of this action is to show legislators that there are a lot of people in Colorado who support credit unions and this legislation. We need you to help us to share this email within your organization.  

For more details on the Sunset recommendations, the process and strategy GoWest is taking, and how you can be involved, please watch this recording. 

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