Oregon “Short Session” Begins

Today, the Oregon Speaker of the House, Dan Rayfield and the Senate President, Rob Wagner gaveled in the 2024 Legislative Session which is called by insiders as the “short session” since the constitution only allows for a 35-day session as opposed t0 160 days in odd number years.  In the long session about 2800 bills are introduced and in the short session about 250 bills.  The short session is a sprint versus a marathon. When legislators arrived today, the bills have only been available for a few days and they have one week for hearings and to post a bill for a vote.  All bills must be voted out of both the House and Senate by February 29th.

Two major issues will consume the legislative calendar. The first is Senate Bill 1537 which is the Omnibus Housing Funding bill.  It will include a request for $500 million in state funds to help pay for land, infrastructure and expanding utility services.

The second issue is drug possession on our streets and updates to Ballot Measure 110. Bills have been drafted and will start being heard on the first day of session to find solutions to the drug problems our communities are seeing.

This Wednesday is the Revenue Forecast. On Wednesday, the state’s economist will deliver the latest revenue forecast. The forecast will give lawmakers a sense of how the economy is doing and what funds are available to balance the budget and spend on housing, behavioral health and addictions services.

We look forward to seeing many of you in the Oregon Capitol on Wednesday for the Legislative Luncheon!


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