CU Leaders Presents at OR Business Summit

The 21st Annual Oregon Business Summit meeting was held on Monday and brought together over 1200 business leaders from across our state.  Your GoWest Credit Association was one of the sponsors of the meeting and several Oregon Credit Union leaders attended including:  Rob Stuart, Stacie Wyss-Schoenborn, Larry Ellifritz, Jason Werts, and Nathan Cox.  In addition, OnPoint had a team of executives in attendance and Pam Leavitt and Cameron Smith participated from the Association.

This meeting lays out the “Business Plan” which is a 10-year vision for our state.  The Business plan goals are to grow wages, increase the share of people working, grow household wealth, and increase economic mobility.  This year’s summit called out an immediate priority of restoring the vitality of Central City Portland, which benefits all of Oregon through economic development.

A highlight of the day was the force on the crisis in Portland.  The Governor released her Task Force report from the Portland Central City Task Force.  The report has over 10 goals for immediate action within the next six months.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Declare a tri-government Fentanyl emergency.
  • Ban the public use of controlled substances and reduce barriers to prosecuting drug delivery.
  • Expand Central City’s homeless shelter capacity.
  • Further elevate law enforcement response to Central City.
  • Clean up the City.
  • Declare a moratorium on new taxes.

As Co-Chair of the Community Safety Committee, along with Senator Kate Lieber, Rob Stuart was interviewed on stage by the Governor discussing the highlights of the work of their committee and their efforts to bring folks together to discuss the many community safety issues facing Portland.

Business leaders, Legislators, State, County and Federal officials came together for one day to address some of the biggest issues our state is facing and layout collective goals for the future.


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