A 93-year-old Grandmother’s Advice Earns Her and Her Grandson $50,000 Through New Program at Gesa Credit Union

When it comes to grandparents, many of us think about the wisdom and guidance they’re known to provide.

Little did a local man from Kennewick know, however, that his grandmother’s advice to open up an account with Gesa Credit Union, based in Richland, Washington, would lead them both to win $25,000 each.

Bernadean Farris, a 93-year-old from Kennewick who has been a Gesa member since 1975, had advised her grandson, Richard Brown, to open up an account with the credit union. He agreed this would be a good idea, but never got around to doing so. When Richard was scrolling social media a month later, he saw Gesa promoting its Refer-a-Friend giveaway and asked his grandmother what he should do. She replied, “It won’t hurt anything. Go ahead and fill it out.”

Richard had forgotten he had signed up for the promotion until a few weeks later, when he answered a call from his grandmother. “We won, we won!” she exclaimed. The two, shocked and excited, went to Gesa’s South Kennewick branch together to claim their joint $50,000 prize, with both receiving a $25,000 check each.

“I’m really happy that he did (sign up),” said Bernadean. “He’s my grandson, but he’s my friend also.” Richard agreed, as he said, “We are definitely friends, Grandma and I.”

Gesa’s Refer-a-Friend promotion runs through Dec. 31. New Gesa Credit Union members who were referred by a current member and have a promo code must open a savings account, a SmartPlus Checking account, and a consumer debit card to be eligible for and enter the sweepstakes.

For more rules on the promotion, including eligibility, visit gesa.com/promotions/refer-a-friend-giveaway/.

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