Quietly Quit Quiet Quitting

What was once considered doing the bare minimum at work has been termed “quiet quitting” by employment experts and social media influencers. While it might not be new, GoWest Solutions partner, CRMNEXT, has identified some ways to slow and minimize quiet quitting at your credit union with the right customer relationship management (CRM).

People love to share their thoughts and feelings on everything from restaurant service and politics to job satisfaction. It’s also no secret that coworkers get together after work to complain about their jobs.

This is practically a favorite pastime that some may say is inevitable and there’s nothing to be done about it. Maybe… but maybe not.

Doing the bare minimum at work and telling others about it (whether to complain or simply get validation) is not new. What is new is the way it is affecting employee satisfaction in the U.S.

When the term quiet quitting, the act of not quitting your job but also not going above and beyond went viral, influencers and everyday employees latched onto the philosophy. What followed has been eye-opening.

The Numbers Don’t Lie
A 2022 Gallup poll found that 50% of U.S. workers could be labeled as quiet quitters. And Forbes found that 40% of workers are willing to quit for a 5% raise. Would you?

More surprising is that 20% are willing to go somewhere else for the same pay and the promise of greener pastures – better working conditions, such as a functioning CRM.

The percentage of employees that are disengaging at work has steadily risen since the pandemic, according to the same Gallup poll mentioned earlier. Currently, 18% of U.S. employees are completely disengaged at work. They might arrive on time, but they are likely doing the bare minimum to remain employed. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor found unemployment mirrored that disconnection. The rise of unemployed persons increased to 6 million or 3.7% as of August 2022.

But not everyone is disengaged. Some are just looking for a reason to care.

Finding Motivation in the Workplace
Why are people dissatisfied? Why aren’t they going above and beyond? According to Forbes’ data, it’s all about money, the right work-life balance, and job satisfaction. People aren’t willing to overwork, over-extend, or push their physical health for a job. While the days of coming in early and staying late may be over in some industries, employees everywhere do want to engage – especially within financial services. They’re just looking for the right place to give a little more.

A survey by McKinsey & Company found that most employees quit or quietly quit when there is a lack of career development or advancement. A lack of meaningful work as well as unsustainable work expectations, and unreliable colleagues also topped the list.

So what can you do? In some cases, the right CRM can help improve life at work.

How a CRM can Help
When integrated with your data and systems, a CRM expedites and simplifies repetitive tasks to free up credit unions’ employee time. That way they can focus on your members and their careers. The right CRM can help them better understand and finish their tasks, as well as develop new, fulfilling goals that keep them at your credit union. The same CRM can also ensure important tasks don’t get forgotten.

Internal communications and collaboration also get a huge boost. A robust, right-fit CRM is good for management too, freeing up their time to manage their people instead of lassoing scattered bits of data without a centralized home.

CRMNEXT has CRMs built for credit unions. With CRMNEXT, your frontline staff will see member data in one user-friendly and actionable view, auto-populated member data on forms, and more. Your IT department will appreciate a codeless configuration and a two-way integration with your core. This is something you can manage in-house. Plus, your leadership (executives, board, and management) will have a 30,000-foot view of it all, including pertinent data and metrics, increased organizational efficiency and transparency, and easily exportable reports. It all leads to happier credit union employees.

To start getting your employees more engaged, visit CRMNEXT or contact the GoWest Solutions team.

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