MAXX CU Celebration Dinner Highlights Impact, Strengthens Bonds

An assortment of laughs, cheers, meaningful connections, and the occasional tear made for a memorable night as the Credit Union Celebration Dinner on Oct. 27, closed out MAXX 2022. The highlights of the evening were the many shared stories that reflected on the impact credit unions have made over this last year.

Credit unions across the six-state region celebrated each other as members told stories and presented examples of unique ways in which their credit union has made a difference in their communities.

Several credit unions had forged new partnerships with local universities, small businesses, and non-profits to advance their work. Clarity Credit Union, based in Meridian, Idaho, highlighted the in vitro fertilization loan they granted to a couple who was trying to start a family. With that assistance, the couple successfully gave birth to twins and continue to grow their family.

Another employee explained how paid-time-off hours were banked by employees and shared with colleagues in need. The credit union team shared enough hours to allow a co-worker to lovingly care for a spouse for several months, before they passed away.

Kyle Frick, VP of marketing at Mid Oregon Credit Union, noted recognition by The Oregonian newspaper as a best place to work. “We are providing an environment where our employees want to be, and the reason they want to be there is because of our members,” said Frick.

The commitment to serving others resonated throughout the room as each new story strengthened the sense of community over the course of the evening.

Emcee Denise Gabel said credit unions can change lives and communities and “change is much more accepted and effective when you collaborate and build on something.”

Gabel encouraged credit unions to continue to connect and work together towards greater projects that fulfill credit unions’ call to be “People Helping People”.

Many credit unions were already collaborating in their neighborhoods — ACU, TOPCO, Sound, and Harborstone credit unions worked together to clean up a local Washington park, just the week before, and shared a short video highlighting how credit unions’ collaborative spirit and commitment to build up their communities defines the credit union difference.

The celebration of impact served as a reminder and motivator of more contributions to come. One credit union employee explained it this way, “The community that was built tonight was tangible and will lead to a lot more stories to share.”

GoWest President and CEO Troy Stang closed out the Credit Union Celebration dinner and MAXX 2022 with a toast to honor member credit unions.

“To new friends, mentors, and partners. To broader horizons and greater achievements. To you — your teams, members, and communities. Go forward. Go together. GoWest!”

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