Forbes Releases 2022 Best-in-State Credit Unions Ranking

Last week, Forbes revealed its list of the best-in-state credit unions of 2022, shining a spotlight on outstanding cooperatives across the country.

Again this year, Forbes partnered with research firm Statista to compile the ranking, surveying more than 26,000 credit union members about their current and former financial relationships. Survey participants were asked to name all the credit unions they had accounts with and rate them on various evaluation criteria, such as trust, terms & conditions (including reasonable and transparent fees), branch services, digital services, customer service, and financial advice.

Only 3.4% of credit unions across the country made the 2022 list, including 31 in the Northwest and Mountain West regions:


  1. Desert Financial Credit Union
  2. Credit Union West
  3. SunWest Credit Union
  4. Alaska USA Federal Credit Union
  5. Mountain America Credit Union


  1. Ent Credit Union
  2. Bellco Credit Union
  3. Credit Union of Denver
  4. Westerra Credit Union
  5. Canvas Credit Union


  1. STCU
  2. Westmark Credit Union
  3. Idaho Central Credit Union
  4. CapEd Credit Union
  5. P1FCU


  1. Northwest Community Credit Union
  2. OnPoint Community Credit Union
  3. Rivermark Community Credit Union
  4. Advantis Credit Union
  5. SELCO Community Credit Union


  1. iQ Credit Union
  2. WECU
  3. Red Canoe Credit Union
  4. Harborstone Credit Union
  5. Horizon Credit Union
  6. Alaska USA Federal Credit Union
  7. First Tech Federal Credit Union
  8. WSECU
  9. Twinstar Credit Union
  10. BECU


  1. UniWyo Federal Credit Union

View the full list of Forbes’ best credit unions in each state here.

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