Oregon Legislature Adjourns Short Session

Today, the Oregon Legislature adjourned “sine die,” a little before noon. By constitution, they had until midnight on Monday night to complete their work. As with every session both parties have a little different take on the success of the session:

Senate Democrats: Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner (D-Lake Oswego) made the following statement on the accomplishments of the Oregon Senate Democrats: “This year, Oregon Senate Democrats moved forward on a comprehensive package to address statewide homelessness and housing issues. We advanced a $400 million package of investments to reduce homelessness, address the affordable housing crisis and connect people with critical services.  I’m excited about our recent $132 million investment in behavioral health workforce and our action to direct $333 million in incoming funds towards evidence-based programs to treat opioid use disorder and other behavioral health issues.

House Democrats:  Following the conclusion of the 2022 legislative session, Oregon House Speaker Dan Rayfield (D-Corvallis) issued the following statement: “I truly believe this was the most significant short session the Legislature has ever had. After two years of crises, we focused on supporting Oregonians who are still hurting the most. We are taking critical steps to prevent homelessness and invest in affordable housing. We are supporting our educators facing severe burnout to ensure our students can stay in healthy, safe classrooms five days a week. For the second year in a row, we are supporting an expansion of summer learning options for families across the state. We are addressing the rising cost of living through direct relief payments, investments in affordable childcare, and by protecting health care coverage for low-income Oregonians. We are investing in community safety and violence prevention, aiming to break the cycle of violence through proven methods and programs while ensuring we are addressing the ongoing behavioral health crisis in our state. And we are making infrastructure investments in all corners of Oregon, which will create good- paying jobs, make our communities more resilient, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.”

House Republicans: House Republican Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson: “Oregonians needed us to tackle our state’s rising cost of living, unchecked crime wave, and deteriorating education,” said House Republican Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson (R-Prineville). “I am proud of what Republicans accomplished this session to make life better for Oregonians across the state, but Democrats prevented us from accomplishing more. Instead, Democratic leaders blocked our additional efforts to help Oregonians while passing an eyewatering spending plan and harmful legislation we will need to fix next year. Our state cannot continue under this failed leadership. It is time for more balance in Salem. However, rather than address fundamental issues with policy changes, Democrats gave hundreds of millions of dollars to state agencies while Oregonians are financially struggling under inflation. In addition to a reckless spending plan that bolsters the state budget without meaningfully helping taxpayers, Democrats pushed for legislation that will harm farm worker hours and pay, let convicted criminals vote and seek early release. An additional proposal would have established Oregon’s first sales tax, while another bill will prevent police from enforcing some traffic laws.”

Below is a summary of policy and budget items that passed in 2022:

  • Oregon’s 2022 Legislative Session Closes with Investments to Respond to and Prevent Homelessness, Support Small Businesses, Working Families and Stronger Schools;
  • Budget Committee Advances Investments in Housing, Homeless Prevention, Education, Community Safety, Rural Infrastructure;
  • Legislative Budgets to Address Urgent Challenges Facing Oregon’s Health Care, Behavioral Health Systems;
  • Education Budget to Make Urgent Investments in Summer Learning and Keeping Students in the Classroom;
  • Cost of Living Relief Package Will Target Childcare Affordability and Support Working Families;
  • $100 Million Rural Oregon Infrastructure Package Unites Legislature;
  • $100 Million Climate Resilience Budget Aims to Tackle Drought, Extreme Weather;
  • $400 Million package to reduce Homelessness;
  • $200 million investment towards building career pathways in targeted sectors to build our economy and diversify our workforce.

Northwest Credit Union Association Priorities

One bill that the Northwest Credit Union Association worked on to get the language right was HB4017.  The NWCUA has been working on getting exemption language in a bill to register data brokers.  HB4017 prohibits business entity from collection, storage, or transfer of personal data within this state without annual registration as a data broker with the Department of Consumer and Business Services.  In the amendment we worked on, the bill defines “data broker” to exclude credit reporting agency, financial institution, and certain business entities and excludes those who report under GLBA.  The bill, however, died in committee after several hours of work.

The House Rules Committee heard HJR205, State Bank Constitutional Change.  The bill proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to specify that sections restricting certain banks do not prohibit establishment of bank owned or operated by State of Oregon and refers proposed amendment to people for their approval or rejection at next regular general election.  The Association worked to educate legislators behind the scenes and was in contact regularly with the Committee Chair and House leadership.  The bill also “died” in committee.

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