The Democratic Primary Win for Oregon Secretary of State goes to….

The Secretary of State’s race in the Oregon Democratic primary is one for the record books. It must have set a record for the number of times the lead changed. From the time balloting closed the evening of May 19 until Friday, State Sen. Shemia Fagan, D-24, and Sen. Mark Hass, D-14, volleyed back and forth in the vote count.

In the end, the election results posted online showed Fagan with a 3,212-vote edge. 

Haas kept his sense of humor, posting on his Facebook page, “In the end, I lost in double overtime…It was a wild ride with more twists and turns than a Spielberg movie.  I congratulated Shemia—three days after she congratulated me.”

Fagan faces Sen. Kim Thatcher, R-13, in the fall election. Thatcher handily won the Republican primary with 85.65% of the vote.

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