Oregon Senator Wyden Convenes Statewide Conversation on Access to Capital

Senator Ron Wyden’s staff convened a statewide conversation today on access to capital specifically for small businesses and entrepreneurs. With a focus on the historical and statistical lack of capital (in all forms) for minority and women owned businesses or those located in rural areas. The Senator has been passionate on trying to solve for this issue, and today the NWCUA along with about 30 other regional and statewide partners who work in the space gathered for a brainstorming conversation in Portland. The dialogue was robust and very informative, covering all the different opportunities and current solutions that can be leveraged to improve the environment, including a bill already introduced at the state level. 

As the conversation progresses we will continue to loop in interested credit unions as appropriate, and welcome any feedback you have on the topic.  

Posted in Advocacy on the Move.