New Insights Fuel Optimism for MAXX 2022 Session Attendees

An inside look at the thoughts and experiences of credit union professionals who attended MAXX 2022.

New Business to Human Podcast Brings Breakthrough Strategies to You

GoWest Solutions partner, Vericast, has launched Business to Human, a podcast series dedicated to spotlighting breakthrough marketing strategies that successfully connect brands with consumers.

GoWest Foundation Shines a Light on Community Impact at MAXX 2022

MAXX 2022 Foundation Breakfast attendees learned about the Foundation’s role as a catalyst for credit union community impact initiatives.

MAXX CU Celebration Dinner Highlights Impact, Strengthens Bonds

GoWest credit unions celebrated each other as conversation flowed between how they have uniquely impacted their teams, members, and communities.

Excitement Fills the Air as MAXX 2022 Kicks-Off!

This marks the first in-person meeting of the credit union community of the newly formed six-state association and will be vital to setting the tone for the future of GoWest credit unions.

Investing in Your People: An All-Team Conference Done Right

Vantage West Credit Union closed all locations to allow all team members to attend their first-ever, all-team conference that earned raving reviews.

Registration for In-Person or Virtual CUNA GAC 2023 Now Open

Scheduled for Feb. 26 – March 02, 2023, in Washington, D.C. and online — learn what to expect and join The Movement by registering today.

Two Families Moving into New, Affordable Homes with Help from Habitat for Humanity and Credit Union Volunteers

Nineteen local Washington credit unions volunteered hundreds of hours to help build two homes for two families in need, in celebration of International Credit Union Day.

The All-In Advocacy Fight to Stop Misguided Legislation

A battle is won, but the war against Interchange Regulation wages on.

Before You Head to MAXX Next Week… Read This!

MAXX 2022 is a week away! Here are a few tips and reminders to make sure MAXX is your professional highlight of the year.

Learn How to Help Your Members Become Homeowners with CMG

Join tomorrow’s credit union-exclusive webinar to learn the fundamentals of using tax returns as documentation of your borrower’s qualifying income.

Is Your Credit Union Coming Up with Unique Solutions to Common Challenges? Share with Us!

We ask that you submit a short article or video on what your credit union has done well and differently so other credit unions in the region can learn too.

First Time Attendee’s Guide to MAXX 2022

Here are some best practices, tips, and tricks to get the most out of your MAXX experience.

What’s the Deal with Talent Retention?

Culture is at the crux of the talent retention challenges and MAXX 2022 is excited to present several culture-focused sessions to help attract and keep your best talent.

How Blue Mountain Credit Union Took its Cybersecurity to the Next Level

The small credit union was able to meet the growing cybersecurity needs by enlisting the help of approached GoWest Solutions partner, IP Services, providing a full-service protection program.

Why 15 Emerging Leaders Program Graduates Say Their Careers are Forever Changed

The graduates and the program educator share the significant impact this program has in forming the next generation of credit union leaders.

Download this App Now to MAXXimize Your Convention Experience

The GoWest Events App is THE must-have tool to have at MAXX, with features like floorplan, agenda, media sharing, and announcements — it will ensure you don’t miss a thing!

3 GoWest Credit Union Professionals Named 2022 Credit Union Rock Stars

This year’s winners were selected for their exceptional creativity, innovation, and passion for the Credit Union Movement.

Credit Unions See 20% Membership Increase with CU Awareness Program

Research finds credit unions in participating states acquired 1.2 million more members in aggregate than non-participating states over the same period.

36 Credit Union Professionals Graduate from GoWest’s Leadership Institute

Now in its 12th year, the program has helped hundreds hone their leadership skills, move forward in their careers, and guide their credit unions into the future.