We are excited to see you at MAXX, October 2-5, 2023!

Here are the Conference Session Types for 2023:

GENERAL SESSIONS: (15 – 90 min) Large session that defines the theme of the conference while getting you excited about the convention.
KEYNOTES: (45 – 90 min) Main stage speaker/ Topic of broad interest to the entire conference audience.  
BREAKOUT SESSIONS: (60 – 90 min) Educational session with an expert/ more technical in content.   
ROUNDTABLES: (60 – 120 min) Facilitated discussions where attendees discuss topics and will benefit from multiple discussions throughout the session.
PANEL DISCUSSIONS: (60-90 minutes) Moderator-led session with panelists (generally three to five people) who share their knowledge on a topic.  
MASTER CLASSES: (120 -180 min) A more intense, advanced learning opportunity for seasoned professionals or those with a specialized focus. 
BEYOND THE PODIUM: (60-90 min) Session starts with a presentation, then shifts to participation from the audience. The presenter will facilitate while attendees answer questions and provide comments.
Informal group gathering to discuss set topics or network with a common professional link, interest, or area of experience. 
SPECIAL MEETINGS: (120-180 min)
These meeting types are invite-only and will be sent out prior to your arrival at MAXX.