We’re excited you’ll be joining us!

The tips below will help you make the most of your experience.

To help you leverage your time with credit union leaders, we’ve compiled a list of best practices, tips, and tricks we hope you find useful. The excitement and energy experienced over our three days together are what we love most. Providing a memorable experience for our guests, attendees, and exhibitors is priority #1 for GoWest.


  • Setup and download the GoWest Event App to your phone and begin playing with the features.
  • Reach out to your clients and people you know who are on the registration list (GoWest provides a list two weeks before the event), let them know you will be there, and are eager to connect with them in person. A quick tip: Ask them to introduce you to their friends who will also be in attendance.
  • Check the MAXX event agenda and look for open times to invite people to coffee or dinner.


Shake & Connect Feature: When you’re in person, you can connect in two shakes of a smartphone. You and your soon-to-be connection simply tap the Shake button, then shake your devices or tap the screen within 5 minutes of one another to connect instantly!

The Add Button: When viewing the Mobile App, click on the Attendees icon to see everyone who’s registered for the event. To quickly send a connection request, click Add next to an attendee. Click on an attendee to see their full profile, and you’ll see an Add button there, too. If an attendee has not logged into the Mobile App they will not appear under the Attendee icon until they login.

Connection Profile Overview: After you’ve connected with some people, click the Connections button to see everyone who’s accepted your requests and to respond to incoming requests. It is critical to note that you will only have access to a connections (Member) personal information if they accept your request. So please make sure if you make a connection to connect on the app and accept each other’s request.

Once connected you will be able to:

  • Export Connections – Enter an email address to receive a file of all your connections.
  • Connection Requests – See and respond to incoming connection requests from other people.
  • Favorite – This adds a star next to their name and keeps them at the top of your connections list.
  • Notes – Type notes about the connection. These notes are included when you export connections.
  • Remove – Removes the connection from your connections list, and they can no longer send you messages.
  • Message – Starts a private chat with the connection.
  • Video – Starts a private video chat with the connection.
  • Meet – Lets you request a meet-up with the connection.
  • Accepted meetings appear on the connection’s profile and in your personal agenda.
  • If a connection has filled in accounts and contact information, such as their email, website, and LinkedIn link, these appear in the Accounts section.


  • Schedule and invite people to meet with you 1:1 during the show. Quick Tip: Meet for coffee in the lobby of your hotel or on site at the convention center. There are many private meeting areas at the Spokane Convention Center.
  • After the Trade Show each day, from your booth, schedule post-event meetings right away. Use the event app to reach out as well as sending a direct email to their inbox. Tip: Use auto delay for messages to arrive a day after the convention ends. This way, your email will stand out and not get lost.
  • Take pictures, lots of pictures! Post and tag your photos on your social media accounts. Most credit unions have a Facebook account. Be sure to tag them on Facebook.
  • Tip: Ask permission when tagging and be mindful of the social environment we are in and items in their hands. (Drinks)
  • UTILIZE the MAXX mobile app! Comment, chat, and send messages. You can even give a “virtual handshake” to exchange contact information with our members.
  • Be friendly, accessible, professional, and courteous. MAXX is a time to make meaningful connections. Put a face to a name, and remember, it’s not a time to sell. It’s a time to network and book follow-up meetings to dive deeper.
  • Step out from behind your table. Push the table to the side or back of your booth. Always be standing and invite the CU members into your space.
  • Network, network, network! We have set up many opportunities for you to talk with and connect with our credit union members. (Welcome and Trade Show Receptions, Breaks in the Foyer, Dedicated Trade Show time, and more!) If you need help or a soft introduction on site, make sure you reach out to your GoWest team, we’re here to support you!


  • The fortune is in the Follow-up. Thank your new contacts for their engagement onsite and begin booking times for more personal and 1:1 opportunities to connect. A quick tip: Have a webinar or event planned for post-MAXX that you can invite Credit Unions to in your follow-up message.
  • Be patient. Credit Union attendees may be sharing all they learned about you with their teams and are waiting for all stakeholders to weigh in before reconnecting with you.
  • Revisit social media accounts and respond to comments. Keep the energy flowing.