This award, named for one of the original signers of the 1934 constitution that created CUNA, recognizes credit unions that do an extraordinary job incorporating credit union philosophy into daily operations. Louise Herring started numerous credit unions and believed strongly in applying credit union philosophy as an operating principle.

Louise Herring was dubbed “the mother of credit unions” by the Ohio general assembly. She believed that the role of the credit union was to provide a means to achieve economic justice for all. Herring was an outspoken advocate for women, minorities, and the poor.

The Louise Herring Philosophy in Action Member Service Award recognizes model credit unions’ efforts to materially improve members’ lives through programs (other than personal finance education). 


  • Special loan modification program
  • Wealth building or debt reduction incentive program
  • Outreach to underserved population
  • Student-run in-school or campus branch 
  • Credit union difference campaign
  • Predatory lending alternative
  • Support for member ESL instructions