Focus & Curriculum

Leadership Institute is an in-depth series of workshops and virtual seminars designed for early-career credit union employees who show the ability to assume greater roles and responsibilities.  The program is based on the BE-KNOW-DO model of leadership:

BE. Understand and exemplify values-based leadership. Teach and facilitate learning regarding the importance of values to guide individual and team decision-making and problem-solving. Work towards developing your personal leadership brand.

KNOW. Know your people skills.  Teach and facilitate learning regarding the essential skills of leaders including communications, team leadership, supervision, problem-solving, change management, and performance management.  Build your leadership toolbox based on your leadership brand.

DO. Practice good leadership by living your values and growing other leaders. Teach and facilitate learning regarding key leadership actions including communicating, planning, coaching, mentoring, managing conflict, developing, leading change, and evaluating teams. Apply the right leadership tools for the appropriate leadership situation and stay true to your leadership brand.

This is performance-based instruction that teaches the art of leadership with focused, guided practices that encourage participation and discussions.

The Takeaway

Leadership development is a proven way in which leaders can improve their organizations to better fulfill their mission, obtain its vision, and operate in line with its values.  Research clearly indicates that organizations do better when there is a deliberate investment in the team to improve their competencies and related soft skills.  As better workplace relationships develop, so too will there be a measurable impact on the members.  Growing values-based leaders who are committed to organizational excellence is key to their success.