Credit Union:

Lewis Clark Credit Union


Lewiston, ID




Contact: Amanda Nixon
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (208) 748-7029

Job Description:


Directs and coordinates all lending activities within the Credit Union, ensuring compliance with Credit Union lending policies and regulations. Plans, directs, and coordinates the development of lending policies, procedures, goals, and objectives. Directs lending activity to meet Credit Union goals and objectives.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities:

E 30% Directs and monitors lending operations for the Credit Union through subordinate managers/supervisors. Establishes annual sales goals related to lending programs. Monitors progress of and ensures Credit Union lending goals and objectives are achieved.
E 15% Chairs Credit Committee. Arranges for loan applications to be presented to Credit Committee. Provides overview and recommendations to the committee. Serves on the Asset/Liability Committee and other committees as assigned.
E 10% Directs and oversees preparation of periodic financial, lending, and operations reports for management. Ensures accuracy and completeness of information. Analyzes loan data reports for corrective actions.
E 10% Develops, proposes, gains acceptance for, and implements lending program policy and strategy. Leads activity related to new product development as it relates to lending programs. Ensures the Credit Union is in compliance with all lending policies and regulations. Makes changes as necessary.
E 10% Monitors competitor rates and fees and stays up-to-date on developments and issues affecting Credit Union lending products and services. Maintains extensive knowledge of consumer, commercial, real estate, and mortgage lending practices.
E 5% Examines, evaluates, authorizes, and/or recommends approval of member applications for commercial loans and lines of credit. Reviews periodically for required updated financial information and field visits.
E 5% Establishes and monitors budget. Reviews and approves expenditures.
E 5% Performs performance appraisals, establishes goals and action plans, and sets up performance improvement plans and disciplinary actions. Makes hiring, firing, and promotion decisions. Creates opportunities for employee development.
E 5% Establishes and maintains good working relationships with Credit Union staff, management, and outside business contacts.
N 5% Performs other job related duties as assigned.

Performance Measurements:

1. Coordinate and execute effective lending programs and promotions that support Credit Union goals and objectives and fulfill member needs. Improve the Credit Union’s competitive position.
2. Ensure all lending activity adheres to established policies, procedures, and governmental regulations. Maintain high level of knowledge related to all lending areas.
3. Meet or exceed specific goals and objectives established for all lending areas. Maintain delinquency at or below X% of loans outstanding, sell credit life insurance on at least X% of new and rewritten loans, and maintain charge-off rate of no more than X%. Establish and provide support for lending managers to achieve goals and objectives.
4. Provide direction and recommendations to management, based on current data, regarding the Credit Union’s financial position and direction. Keep management informed of key operational issues affecting the Credit Union.
5. Maintain positive business relationships with all business contacts. Maintain good communication with subordinates and other Credit Union personnel.
6. Meet or exceed budget goals.
7. Maintain a well-trained, efficient, and effective lending staff. Provide necessary leadership, support, and training opportunities.
8. Complete employee performance appraisals and handle performance issues in an appropriate and timely manner.
Knowledge and Skills:
Experience Five to ten years of similar or related experience
Education (1) A bachelor’s degree, or (2) achievement of formal certifications recognized in the industry as equivalent to a bachelor’s degree (e.g. information technology certifications in lieu of a degree).
Interpersonal Skills Motivating or influencing others is a material part of the job. Outside contacts become important and fostering sound relationships with other entities (companies and/or individuals) becomes necessary and often requires the ability to influence and/or sell ideas or services to others. The role requires a significant level of trust or diplomacy.
Other Skills: Thorough knowledge of banking practices, policies, procedures, operations, products, services, and regulations. May also include specialized knowledge in lending or investing. Specific knowledge of the philosophy and structure of the Credit Union industry. Thorough knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources. Considers the relative costs and benefits of potential actions and chooses the most appropriate one.