Credit Union:

Northwest Christian Credit Union


Nampa, ID



Job Description:

Our Organizational Essentials
Mission – Building Better Lives and Stronger Ministries by Uniting the Faith and Finance of the Christian Community

Vision – NCCU aspires to be the trusted financial partner in the Christian community by:
• Promoting Stewardship
• Empowering Mission
• Engaging Kingdom Resources

Faith – John 13:35 – We are unified by our belief in Christ. We also believe in each other. We take the time to pray on behalf of our team members and members. Rooted in our strong heritage, we desire to be Christ-like representatives in our workplace and community.
Teamwork – 1st Corinthians 12:12-30 – We respect each other’s rolls and responsibilities and are willing to step up and assist team members when needed. Our communication is positive, respectful, and encouraging.
Innovation – Isaiah 43:19 – We believe in working together toward a common vision. We collaborate to foster new ideas and methods. We understand that innovation will be uncomfortable and cause instability, and we embrace it.
Adaptability – Ecclesiastes 3:1 – We will train and develop team members for their ever- changing roles, for team building, and for future advancement opportunities. This will allow us to be adaptable to innovation’s change and discomfort.
Generosity – 1st Timothy 6:18 – We serve a God with abundant resources who calls us to live and work accordingly. We are generous with grace. We assume the best about our fellow team members.
Service – Mark 10: 45 – We believe the way we serve each other will spill over to the way we serve the members. We take the time needed to make each member and team member feel valued and thanked. We have common passions that motivate us to serve those in need.

Our Future
Would you find working in a faith-based financial institution – the opportunity to grow a credit union, impact the lives of members, and assist ministries to grow and develop – a challenge? If so, this may be the opportunity you are looking for. This could be your chance to be a part of a leadership team that will be taking on the challenge of a consolidating financial services marketplace that is facing multiple disrupters all while meeting the financial needs of the Christian community. Engage your talents with our mission-driven commitment to help members, families, and ministries achieve their financial goals.

Our Vice-President of Lending will need to bring energy, creativity, and a desire to achieve to the credit union and its team members. The successful leader will need to be able to identify the credit union’s consumer and commercial lending opportunities and find innovative solutions to not just meet those needs, but to position NCCU to thrive.

Northwest Christian Credit Union is set apart by its deep roots in the Christian community, its focus on lifting others, and its commitment to providing fulfilling workplace. Join us in building better lives and stronger ministries.

If an opportunity to engage the Christian community through Northwest Christian Credit Union stirs your leadership passion, please explore this opportunity.

Vice-President of Lending
Reports to: President/CEO

Position Purpose: Participate in strategic planning and the development of credit union policies, procedures, and goals. Responsible for the credit union’s administrative management of loan functions. Develop and implement consistent organizational policies and procedures that comply with external regulations. Assist and lead consumer and commercial loan functions, including residential mortgages and equity lines of credit. Ensure lending activities are in the best interest of the member and are also efficient, effective, and profitable.

Job Responsibilities
• Participate in the credit union’s long- and short-term strategic planning.
• Set the Loan Department’s strategic plans to align with the credit union’s business plan. Establish and ensure the implementation of target goals for the department.
• Communicate credit union goals and direction with all employees to ensure clear understanding of rules, regulations, requirements, and expectations.
• Create the departmental budget and track results on an ongoing basis for adherence.
• Present regular reports to the Board of Directors and Leadership Team.
• Develop, implement, and monitor departmental policies and procedures in accordance with credit union goals, strategies, and applicable regulations. Work with other departments to maintain consistency in credit union policies and procedures.
• Oversee and monitor the loan function to achieve its strategic goals. Direct the work of loan officers in all lending areas to include underwriting, loan processing, loan documentation, and approval or denial of loans for consumer, mortgage, or business loans.
• Oversee the development and monitoring of performance standards. Provide mentoring, coaching, or training to assist and develop managers and staff.
• Maintain up-to-date knowledge of regulatory requirements, general economic conditions and changing trends that may affect the credit union’s loan department. Provide timely feedback that allows the credit union to respond competitively.
• Research and evaluate the feasibility of new lending products. Develop and implement plans for expansion of lending programs.
• Ensure that collection policies, procedures, practices, and documentation meet federal and state regulations.
• Recommend and/or approve loans and charge-offs within policy limits.
• Work with loan officers and members on complex issues to prevent loss to the credit union and assist the membership.
• Serve as a credit union liaison with regulatory agency examiners and auditors.
• Represent and promote the credit union with churches and at external functions.

Character Qualities
Integrity: Be a person of integrity and humility that exemplifies servant leadership within the mission and vision of Northwest Christian Credit Union.
Mentor: Possess an approachable, positive, and predictable leadership style. The Vice- President of Lending will develop team members through appropriate encouragement and challenge to achieve goals.
Self-Aware: Understands their own strengths and weaknesses and can engage the strengths of others to lead a relevant, capable, and professional team.
Accountable: Understands the office environment and can build trust with credit union members, team members and management team.
Ethos Centric: Engages the unique ethos of NCCU: people dedicated to service, treating all with the love of Christ, and modeling His grace and mercy in our culture.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, or management is desired.
  • Progressively responsible experience in a financial institution environment.
  • Knowledge of consumer lending and church/commercial lending is critical.
  • Leadership qualities including the ability to recruit, work with, and develop a team.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with individuals and groups, both verbally and in writing.
  • Effective presentation skills with a persuasive style in large groups, small groups and one-on- one.

Northwest Christian Credit Union is an Equal Opportunity employer. As an association of Christians, Northwest Christian Credit Union is permitted, and reserves the right, to prefer employees on the basis of religion (Title VII, Section 702(a), 703(e)(2), United States Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended).