Credit Union:

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union


Renton, WA



Job Description:

Reports to: Credit Administration Manager

Functions Supervised: None

Primary Functions: Responsible for providing an independent comprehensive written evaluation of commercial loans and relationships. This position will also assist in the preparation of annual reviews.

Duties and Responsibilities:

* Evaluates financial statements and prepares independent written credit evaluations. Reports will include a comprehensive evaluation of businesses and commercial real estate and will be used by management in approving credit requests. Reports should adequately summarize the important aspects of the business including a detailed financial analysis, management competencies, collateral evaluation, and guarantor support. Analyses will identify the key strengths and weaknesses of that particular credit request. Analyses may also include an evaluation of the borrowers industry and the borrowers position within the industry.

* Makes recommendations to Commercial Loan Officers and Credit Approvers regarding credit structure and policy compliance.

* Makes recommendations regarding credit risk rating of commercial accounts and assesses collateral quality and values.

* Completes corporate and personal financial statement spreading in the designated system. Completes global cash flows when appropriate.

* Effectively partners with Credit Administration to improve efficiencies of operation, minimize risk, and expand sales opportunities.

* Work collaboratively with sales team to achieve commercial credit objectives, goals and provide outstanding member service.

* Conduct annual credit reviews on relationships analyzing and documenting risks, strengths and weaknesses.

* Develop a solid understanding of the Statement Spreading software.

* Maintain in-depth knowledge of NCUA regulations and credit union policies and procedures as they relate to commercial lending.

* Provides underwriting support for the SBA loan program as needed.

* Perform other duties as assigned.