Credit Union:

Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union


Klamath Falls, Oregon



Job Description:

Essential Job Functions

  • Provide primary support for the PCFCU operating system to include nightly monitoring of business job activities as well as maintaining the job scheduler. Provide general support for other technology or data processing issues, i.e. audio response system, online banking, e-Statements, automated telephone attendant, imaging, data format conversion, internal staff support, etc.
  • Works with Credit Union departments to develop and implement automation and efficiencies. Develop software programs/processes to increase the efficiency of staff and internal procedures.
  • Assist in the maintenance of the following computing components: (a) PC/LAN servers and workstations, (b) WAN communications links, (c) hot-site hardware/software, and (d) office automation software. Assist in on-site research of production problems and training of supervisory staff on new procedures/software.
  • Contributes to the ongoing success of the Systems Support team by engaging in understanding department members roles and duties and assisting with their responsibilities when needed, which includes work orders, password resets, nightly monitoring of business job activities as well as network infrastructure monitoring and correcting issues as they arise.
  • Create and maintain windows scripting using .NET, C#, and JavaScript development programs. Create and maintain custom reporting using SQL language and tools.
  • Participates in projects, upgrades, and conversions by: (a) communicating directly with users and servicers in gathering requirements information; (b) explaining technical requirements for files and data communications.
  • Work with vendors to implement new products or services; (for instance: Secured FTP file transfers). Assist in the development and testing of interface file handling procedures for data moving between platforms, customers, and media.
  • Employ critical thinking and effective communication to understand desired outcomes and then collaboratively develop solutions for operational challenges and complex technical problems in all of these areas to deliver a sound, stable efficient and effective operating infrastructure.
  • Work collaboratively to develop reporting and analysis, and create pertinent documentation, to assist all areas of the organization in effectively fulfilling their roles and responsibilities
  • Proactively participate in multiple training opportunities available within the credit union as well as credit union functions and community events.


Education and Experience

  • 1-3 years of similar or related experience.
  • A minimum of a two-year college degree or completion of a specialized course of study preferred.
  • Cooperative, positive attitude with sound interpersonal skills.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Excellent technical skills.
  • Desires and is motivated to be a lifelong learner.
  • Proven attention to detail.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required.
  • Effectively identifying, defining, and resolving issues, challenges, and problems.
  • Ability to simultaneously handle multiple tasks and changing priorities in an efficient and effective manner.


Pacific Crest FCU is committed to working with its employees to reasonably accommodate them with the physical aspects of the position.  The following is a list of physical considerations that are normally encountered in this job:

  • A significant level of trust and diplomacy is required, in addition to normal courtesy and tact. Outside contacts become important and fostering sound relationships with other entities (companies and/or individuals) is necessary.
  • Ability to effectively and efficiently communicate with diverse membership and staff
  • Ability to sit or stand for long periods of time
  • Ability to work on computers for a long period of time in an office environment
  • Hearing, visual and verbal ability required



Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union is an Equal Opportunity Employer.