Credit Union:

Rogue Credit Union


Medford, OR



Job Description:


Serves as part of a dynamic employee services team dedicated to hiring and building a skilled base of loyal employees who in turn support the Credit Union’s vision of having the most loyal members in the nation. Assumes responsibility as assigned in the areas of employment, compensation, performance management, employee relations, employee/community events and/or training.


Essential Functions & Responsibilities:

35% Responsible for the day to day recruitment process for open positions as assigned. Works closely with hiring managers and uses independent judgment and discretion to recruit and screen qualified applicants who show an aptitude to support Rogue’s Loyalty Culture. Develops announcements, interviews applicants, administers pre-employment tests, checks references, determines starting pay, prepares employment offers, and maintains tracking spreadsheets. Develops/manages the HRIS (Human Resources Information System) recruitment software. Participates in recruitment job fairs. Proactively keeps Rogue’s Diversity and Inclusion Plan as outlined. Ensures compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity and other applicable employment laws. Prepares periodic reports.


25% Prepares new and revises existing job descriptions. Assists managers in writing roles, essential functions and determining job requirements. Formats job descriptions and ensures they are professionally written and grammatically correct. Analyzes and recommends appropriate wage grades for positions using independent judgment and resources available. Completes research to obtain job descriptions and salary range information. Provides compensation data to third parties for salary surveys.


15% Serves in an Employee Relations capacity and acts as a general resource to all employees in providing guidance related to Employee Services guidelines or employment at Rogue Credit Union. Identifies possible solutions and makes appropriate recommendations. Keeps manager informed and may assist in investigations or in gathering information.


15% Proactively assists with department projects and/or other duties as assigned. Participates in developing department goals and measurements. Attends meetings as required.


5% Inputs employee data into Employee Services personnel systems as needed which may include Compease or the HRIS. Assists with auditing payroll and other records required.


5% May provide training for management or staff as requested. Training facilitation may include developing course materials, speaker notes, PowerPoint and other presentation medium or handouts. May involve developing announcements and tracking attendance.



Performance Measurements:

1. Supports and practices Rogue’s Vision, Mission, Values and Loyalty Culture. Utilizes the Service Promises with both internal and external members. Contributes to maintaining Employee Services high standards and Net Promoter Score.


2. Demonstrates knowledge and skill in the recruitment process. Fully utilizes software to Rogue’s advantage. Recruits qualified applicants and is skilled in the interview process. Stays on top of openings and responds to requests/details in a timely manner. Demonstrates good judgment and makes solid recommendations. Demonstrates accuracy in related spreadsheets and new hire paperwork.


3. Takes initiative with assigned projects. Demonstrates ability to organize multiple aspects and is able to successfully meet timelines. Demonstrates creativity and has the ability to anticipate potential problems, needs or details.


4. Demonstrates excellent verbal communication skills. Is concise, articulate and clear. Has the ability to persuade without being pushy or offensive. Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively with branch/department management, staff and senior level leadership.


5. Has excellent writing skills. Writing is concise, proofed well and contains few grammatical or punctuation errors. IS able to write easy to understand guidelines and streamline documentation that the employee will understand.


6. Demonstrates knowledge and skill in adherence to State and Federal employment law. Proactively shares any identified concerns. Takes appropriate steps in outreach efforts to meet goals for Diversity and Inclusion Plan.


7. Ensures areas of responsibility are in compliance with organizational and Employee Services guidelines.


8. Provides informed, professional, accurate service and support to all staff by responding to employee needs or concerns within 24 hours.


9. Demonstrates skill and good decision making when exercising independent judgment.


10. Is a good team player. Willingly assists co-workers or others within Rogue as needed. Maintains a positive attitude and demeanor which assists in keeping team morale high.


11. Has excellent organizational and time management skills. Effectively prioritizes and stays on top of workload and projects. Works efficiently and minimizes down time.


12. Has an eye for detail and produces quality work with minimal errors. Is professional in presentation.



Knowledge and Skills:

Experience: Three years to five years of similar or related experience. A generalist background in human resources preferred.


Education: (1) A two-year college degree, or (2) completion of a specialized certification or licensing, or (3) completion of specialized training courses conducted by vendors, or (4) job-specific skills acquired through an apprenticeship program.


Interpersonal Skills: Work involves extensive personal contact with others and is of a personal or sensitive nature. Motivating, influencing, and/or training others is key at this level. Outside contacts become important and fostering sound relationships with other entities (companies and/or individuals) becomes necessary and often requires the ability to influence and/or sell ideas or services to others.


Other Skills: Excellent writing skills with a good command of the English language including grammar and punctuation. Strong job description development skills with the ability to streamline and identity needs. Proven recruitment, interviewing and selection skills. Good skills related to performance management and disciplinary steps. Excellent verbal communication skills with the ability to listen, relay information, negotiate terms, or present information. Strong analysis and decision making skills and good judgment. Ability to think outside the box or modify strategy. Strong service and rapport building skills. Strong computer skills and HRIS abilities. Team player with strong work ethic. Good organization and productivity skills with the ability to take initiative, establish priorities, and provide timely responses. Dependability and the ability to maintain confidentiality. Professionalism and ability to be a role model to other employees.


Physical Requirements: Some lifting required (up to 30 pounds), continuous sitting, occasional standing and occasional walking. Finger dexterity while using computer. Frequent talking and hearing in person and on the telephone. Continuous clarity of vision at 20 inches or less and continuous clarity of vision at 20 feet or more. Ability to load/unload a vehicle, drive a motor vehicle or arrange for own transportation. Involves bending, twisting, lifting and squatting.


Work Environment: This job is an exempt position that requires flexibility in scheduling tasks and projects. The employee must independently monitor hours and judge the time needed to be spent on applicable duties. Employee must be capable of adjusting to unpredictable schedules proactively. As a direct representative of the Credit Union, the employee must conduct and present themselves courteously and professionally. Exposed to potentially hazardous conditions, i.e., robbery. Travel to all Credit Union regions may be required.