Credit Union:

Northwest Christian Credit Union








Contact: Brad Swartzentruber
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (208) 466-0916

Job Description:

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop the strategic marketing plan and present to the CEO and/or Board of
  • Prepare, implement, and supervise the budget for the department that is consistent with the overall strategic plan and budget of the credit
  • Envision creative marketing and public relations concepts. Design, develop, and implement marketing and public relations programs for the credit Track and evaluate results of programs. Update or change as appropriate to ensure effectiveness.
  • Analyze market trends and demographic data concerning members and potential members, products and services, and potential products and services. Keep abreast of changing trends in the marketplace so that the credit union may react quickly and
  • Research and recommend product or service enhancements to provide quality member service and to meet the financial needs of
  • Create and/or review letters, direct mail, press releases, collateral materials, forms, May manage an outside advertising or marketing vendor design, content, or delivery of marketing materials, marketing promotions, or media campaigns.
  • Ensure that all marketing and public relations materials comply with State and Federal rules and regulations for the credit union. Keep abreast in changing rules and
  • Mentor, coach, and train employees on how to deal professionally and effectively with members, NPROs, and other contacts in promoting the credit
  • Research the demographics of the area in which the credit union operates and determine population groups served by the credit Develop contact lists of potential new NPROs or members to reflect research.
  • Be a visible presence in the local and NPRO Promote the credit union through visible participation and presentations promoting credit union benefits to business, and NPRO organizations and activities.
  • Develop, apply, and evaluate policies and procedures for the
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned by management.

Northwest Christian Credit Union is an Equal Opportunity employer. As an association of Christians, Northwest Christian Credit Union is permitted, and reserves the right, to prefer employees on the basis of religion (Title VII, Section 702(a), 703(e)(2), United States Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended).