Credit Union:

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union


Renton, WA



Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities:

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  1. Meet with business members and prospective business members to promote the credit union’s commercial loan services and solicit new business.
  2. Interview prospective borrowers and request necessary information to process loan requests.
  3. Analyze applicant’s financial status, credit, and evaluate collateral to determine feasibility of loan approval.
  4. Negotiate loan structure with prospective borrower, including fees, loan repayment terms and other credit terms.
  5. Underwrite credit requests taking into consideration applicable policies, procedures, guidelines and analyzed risk and present processed applications to appropriate approval authorities within the credit union as required.
  6. Assist members with inquiries and information requests and resolve issues relating to loan products and services offered.
  7. Promote and cross-sell other products and services as appropriate.
  8. Monitor loan portfolio to ensure proper management of risk ratings, compliance with loan covenants and early identification of potential problems. Participate in collection efforts as necessary.
  9. Participate in the credit union’s business development activities, represent the credit union in industry and professional associations, community organizations, local business groups, etc.
  10. Perform other duties as assigned.