Credit Union:

Central Willamette Credit Union


Albany, OR



Job Description:


• Responsible for development, execution and evaluation of the annual marketing plan, strategic marketing plan, market research efforts, management of the marketing budget and staffing plan.

• Actively participate as a member of Credit Union executive management. Contribute in the development and execution of CWCU’s annual and strategic plan and be knowledgeable about the events, trends, and developments in the financial services industry.

• Drive brand identity and awareness through a variety of marketing methods, including web and social media activities, campaigns, collateral, visual aids, etc.

• Promotes the brand and ensures consistency of the member experience throughout all advertising, product lines, promotional materials, delivery channels and events.

• Develops products, services, programs and enhancements that attract new membership and lead to higher levels of brand awareness and loyal members.

• Develops and recommends product positioning, target segments and pricing strategy to produce the highest possible long-term market share.

• Leverage data analytics to drive and measure marketing activities to achieve strategic priorities.

• Oversee and manage the Central Willamette’s brand and style guide as it applies to all facets of the Credit Union’s operations, including, but not limited to communications, merchandising, branch design and SWAG development. Perform periodic audits to ensure consistency and compliance with brand message and standards.

• Develop and oversees marketing materials and media in venues appropriate for Credit Union’s target market, brand message and budget.

• Analyze market trends, demographic data and competitive activities concerning existing and potential business so that the credit union may react quickly and competitively.

• Works with other departments to ensure consistent brand attributes across all delivery channels that exceeds member expectations.

• Oversees and evaluates market research and surveys’ and adjusts marketing strategy, advertising and communications to meet changing conditions.

• Direct CWCU’s community affairs initiatives, including oversight of corporate giving, scholarship programs, employee volunteer programs, CWCU sponsored community events, community development and financial literacy outreach.

• Manages CWCU’s public and media relations activities; including publicity campaigns, press releases, community partnerships, annual reports, press releases, special events, community and Board activities and community contributions.

• Working closely with our marketing firm(s), develop and implement marketing plans, action steps, programs and processes necessary to achieve the overall business and operational objectives of the Credit Union.

• Develop and implement plans, action steps, programs and processes necessary to achieve the overall business and operational objectives of the Credit Union, including all functions for within the position’s responsibility.

• Establishes and maintains relationships with industry influencers, community and government leaders and businesses to promote the brand, develop sponsorships and grow CWCU.

• Oversee and manage contractual relationships with external vendors and suppliers. Oversee contract negations as required and ensure contractual relationships align with credit union goals and philosophy.

• Oversee and consult with management to initiate and implement changes that allow the organization to adapt, problem solve, optimize and work towards greater organizational capability.

• Develop and maintain a comprehensive succession and departmental staff development plan; including ongoing staff training, evaluation of individual performance and skills, providing mentoring, coaching, feedback and conducting annual evaluations to encourage employee performance.

• Advises on and establishes organizational, departmental and individual goals and objectives that are consistent with the operating plan and credit union culture.

• Prepare reports, presentations, offer expert advice, research issues and propose potential solutions, as necessary and/or directed.

• Develop and maintains policies, procedures and practices that effectively manages business risks within the scope of responsibility.

• Be a visible supporter of the Credit Union’s community involvement by volunteering and participating for events and activities that enrich the communities of the central Willamette Valley.

• Have a thorough knowledge and comply with CWCU policies and procedures as well as applicable State and Federal regulations.




• Must demonstrate managerial abilities which includes strong organization, project management, planning and leadership skills.
• Must demonstrate ability to design, implement and maintain programs, plans and initiatives within budget and against time lines.
• Must demonstrate strong communications skills, both written, verbal and effective presentation abilities.
• Good interpersonal skills to ensure issues are handled in a fair, consistent manner.
• Ability to work independently and as a team member while using discretion in decision making and sound judgement in problem solving.
• Ability to research and compile information for the purpose of recommending marketing Opportunities.
• Excellent creativity skills and a high level of professionalism.
• Must demonstrate an effective ability to interact and relate in a professional manner with other members of a senior management team and must be able to effectively participate in the overall management process of the Credit Union.
• Must be fully PC literate and have an excellent understanding of technology as a strategic tool. A strong working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet and database software.


• A Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Journalism, Communication or a related field or equivalent experience is required or educational experience required. Advance degree preferred.
• Minimum of seven years of sales or marketing experience required.
• A minimum of seven years of leading a team responsible for strategic marketing initiatives that contribute to the financial success of an organization.
• Minimum five or more years in senior management and/or executive leadership role required.


• Full-time hours required, with additional hours as necessary to accomplish objectives, goals and projects.
• Vision (or corrected) to the normal range
• Occasional travel to out of area locations