Credit Union:



Lacey, WA




Contact: Ana Roy
Email: [email protected]

Job Description:

Primary Purpose of the Position:  Responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership for the credit union by directing the credit union’s accounting and financial reporting systems.  Aids the President/CEO in formulating and administering organizational policies.  Responsible for security procedures and internal control systems. Serves on credit union ALCO Committee. Responsible for reporting of ALM and other issues for that group.  Responsible for overseeing accounts payable and receivables, general ledger, financial reporting, share drafts and other accounts.


Leadership (25%)

Provides leadership to ensure that the mission and core values of the credit union are put into practice.  Fosters a success-oriented, accountable environment within the credit union.  Provides strategic financial input and leadership on decision making issues affecting the organization; i.e., evaluation of potential alliances acquisitions and/or mergers and pension funds and investments.  Oversees reporting to regulatory authorities and to the Board of Directors.

Management (45%)

Directs the credit union’s investment activities as custodian of funds, securities, and assets of the organization; promotes the credit union in financial markets to assure sources of capital.  Oversees and directs treasury, budgeting, audit, tax, accounting, purchasing, real estate and insurance activities.  Prepares financial reports; ensures complete/accurate financial, statistical, and accounting reports of the credit union.

Works closely with external auditors and federal credit union examiners to ensure the credit union is in compliance with prescribed accounting methods set out in regulation, law, FRB rules, FASB rules, and generally accepted accounting principles.

Oversees payroll and employee benefits along with Human Resources.

Is chair of the Asset Liability Management Committee

Is a member of the Risk Committee. 

Supervisory Work (25%)

Performs the administrative and human resource management functions relative to the staff supervised. Establishes guidelines and performance expectations for the staff, which are clearly communicated through the formal employee performance management system. Observes workers’ performance; demonstrates and conducts work performance critiques. Provides informal feedback and periodically evaluates employee performance. Resolves informal complaints and grievances.

Develops work improvement plans, recommending personnel actions as necessary. Provides advice and counsel to staff related to work and administrative matters. Reviews and approves or disapproves leave requests.

Furthers the goals of equal employment opportunity (EEO) by taking positive steps to assure the accomplishment of affirmative action objectives. Adheres to nondiscriminatory employment practices in regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap. Initiates nondiscriminatory practices and affirmative action for the area under his/her supervision in the following: (1) merit promotion of employees and recruitment and hiring of applicants; (2) fair treatment of all employees; (3) encouragement and recognition of employee achievements; (4) career development of employees; and (5) full utilization of their skills. Keeps informed of, supports, and communicates to employees EEO policies, plans, and programs.

Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (5%)

As necessary, monitors required Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs) and Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs).  Ensures that all staff members comply with the regulations surrounding the Bank Secrecy Act.


  • A Master’s Degree, equivalent experience in a senior management position or combination of degree and experience


  • Ability to communicate orally, including representing the credit union through public speaking and presentations, and conducting productive meetings.
  • Ability to communicate in writing, including writing long-range plans, business plans, and policies.
  • Ability to synthesize complex or diverse information.
  • Skill in identifying and resolving complex problems.
  • Skill in delegating work assignments, giving authority to work independently, setting expectations and monitoring delegated activities.
  • Extensive knowledge of financial services in order to make timely decisions and judgments.
  • Strong working knowledge of credit union accounting and GAAP. The CEO must understand the income statement and balance sheet to be able to communicate with the auditors, examiners, and supervisory committee.
  • Knowledge of and experience with loan products and collections. The majority of the credit union’s assets are invested in loans: credit card, auto, indirect, and real estate lending.
  • Working knowledge of the Microsoft Office software. Most of the work is performed using Word, Excel, and Power Point.
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple complex projects, delegate duties, track progress, and report to the board on an agreed upon schedule.
  • Knowledge of human resources policies and practices.
  • Knowledge and experience with contract negotiation.

O Bee Credit Union provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty, or status as a covered veteran.