Leaders never stop learning. A roundtable of your CEO peers shaped the topics to be discussed to ensure we are focused on the most relevant and urgent issues of the day. Find the agenda below.

Session Information
Jan. 10th: 5pm7pm
Jan. 11th: 7am8am
Jan. 11th: 8am9am
Jan. 11th: 9am10:30am
2024 Strategic Landscape

Steve Williams, President & Partner, Cornerstone Advisors

Jan. 11th: 10:30am11am
Jan. 11th: 12:30pm1:30pm
Jan. 11th: 1:30pm4:30pm
Jan. 11th: 4:30pm6pm
Jan. 11th: 6pm8pm
Jan. 12th: 7:30am8:30am
Jan. 12th: 8:30am9:30am
Jan. 12th: 9:30am11:30am
Jan. 12th: 11:30am12pm
Wrap-Up and Conclusion

Grab and go lunches available.