Committee Nominations Are Now Open: 

Credit union engagement is critical to the success of the movement and central to the mission of the Association. The GoWest Association committee and engagement opportunities provide valuable platforms for credit union professionals to engage with one another, share their unique perspectives and experiences, and ultimately influence the future of the industry. Committees, Working Groups, and Advisory Groups will provide a suite of engagement opportunities, ensuring that all credit union leaders can lend their voices to propel credit unions forward…together. 

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Please reach out to Carmen Vigil at [email protected] with any questions.  

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AZ, CO, ID, OR, WA, and WY
Governmental Affairs Committees*

Stewards of advancing the Association’s advocacy strategy through developing and supporting the overall advocacy agenda. Governmental Affairs Committees focus on the commitment to protect and evolve the best operating environment for credit unions at the federal level and in the six states of AZ, CO, ID, OR, WA, and WY, ensuring that credit unions are positioned to serve consumers as distinctive, relevant and trusted partners. Each GAC will offer guidance regarding opportunities and the potential impacts of issues at the state and federal levels. In addition, these committees make policy advancement recommendations to the Association Board as needed and help to create the legislative and regulatory policy agenda in each state capitol and at the federal level.

*Please note that leaders from Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming who joined their Governmental Affairs Committee in 2022 do not need to re-nominate for this committee in 2023. 

Regulatory Advisory Subcommittee and Working Groups  

A critical component of the Association’s comprehensive advocacy strategy by proactively influencing regulatory efforts. Committee members, in conjunction with the Association staff, are dedicated to influencing regulatory agencies to develop responsible rules and regulations affecting credit unions and their relevancy so that consumers can choose not-for-profit credit unions as their trusted partners. This committee works with the Association to define and refine regulatory priorities, working with regulatory agencies to implement changes and evolve processes. Working Groups may be established to support deeper research and analysis into specific issues.  

Grassroots & Political Programs Committee  

Leads the development and execution of the Association’s advocacy programs by informing and empowering credit union leaders to build an enduring culture of engagement in grassroots and political programs. This Committee evaluates and develops modern grassroots advocacy tools to strengthen participation in the legislative and political process within the Credit Union Movement, along with setting PAC fundraising goals and strategies on behalf of credit unions in the six states.

Defense Fund Oversight Sub-Committee

An important part of the Association’s advocacy strategy by providing the oversight of a strong and strategic defense fund. This sub-committee is responsible for providing guidance to the defense fund expenditures as outlined in the fund’s covenants. Covenants focus on appropriate and effective fund use and fundraising strategies for special purpose advocacy funding to assist with extraordinary governmental affairs and public communication needs.



Innovation Acceleration Committee 

Executes within the Association’s strategy of providing solutions that deliver measurable, tangible value across the six-state ecosystem. This committee works with Association staff to connect innovative solutions with credit unions to advance solutions, products, and resources that deliver tangible value to consumers. The Innovation Acceleration Committee members serve as a resource to examine emerging trends and find solutions that enable credit unions to deliver more value to their members through high-functioning operations and sustainable growth.

Talent Development Advisory Group

Executes within the Association’s strategy of delivering value through scalable programming by evaluating future-focused credit union development and leadership succession needs. This Advisory Group will help outline and promote pathways for growing future credit union industry leaders through Association and Credit Union Community development program.



Collective Credit Union Impact Advisory Group 

Executes within the Association and Foundation’s strategy to elevate the impact credit unions make in their communities. Convenes credit union leaders together to share best practices on accelerating community impact, explore strategies to reach new and emerging markets, and leverage funding opportunities to amplify credit union community impact. This Advisory Group works with the Association and Foundation to support and advance efforts to ensure financial well-being for all consumers.

Recognition Advisory Group 

Executes within the Association’s strategy to accelerate, strengthen, and celebrate the collective work of credit unions. The advisory group is responsible for helping align the recognition efforts that shine a light on the credit unions and the people who have significantly raised the bar on the achievable outputs and results in sustaining and advancing the charter and operating environments, the value that is generated and delivered to the membership and the collective impact in the communities. In addition, this advisory group will help advise staff in the nomination and judging of the awards program that connects, recognizes, and honors the credit unions in the Association’s six-state community.