Scott Fieber is the Chief Strategy Officer of Cook Solutions Group in Portland, Oregon, and has helped financial institutions with their strategic direction for more than 10 years. Prior to getting into the financial industry, Fieber worked as the Systems Administrator for a criminal defense agency in Utah. His experience in technology and banking lends to a unique skill set which is needed when working with ever-changing financial technology and consumer experience. Fieber began his career in the financial sector with the founding company of Interactive Teller Machines, uGenius Technology in Salt Lake City, Utah. Following the acquisition of uGenius in 2013 by the world’s leader in consumer transaction technology, NCR, Fieber helped NCR grow its branch transformation footprint across the country. He has worked with financial institutions of all sizes, ranging from $10 million in assets to over $900 billion. In 2015, Fieber joined Cook Solutions Group in an effort to help build the company’s future with software enabled technology. Fieber has helped hundreds of financial institutions develop strategic plans, implement them, and continually improve upon those processes. Today, Fieber continues to work with financial institutions on all their strategic needs, fostering elevated user experience, improved efficiencies, secure connections, and reduced headaches.

Fieber and his wife own the nonprofit organization Unlimit-Aid, which helps teenagers in Central America find proper schooling and reduces their gang involvement. Unlimit-Aid connects youth from all over the United States to the youth in Central America in an effort to lend perspective from both sides as they build the future of the world.

When he isn’t knee deep understanding your business or helping teenagers, he can be found mentoring the youth at his local church, golfing, or spending time with his wife, two boys, and baby girl.


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