Having delivered thousands of presentations over two decades, Jason Hewlett is the only speaker in the world teaching leadership through a performance of uncanny musical and comedy impressions, utilizing the legends of stage.  

“The Promise” is a keynote speech that feels like a show, with proven processes and actionable takeaways to transform businesses and evolve today’s leaders. Hewlett’s speech inspires leadership from the perspective of a promise, giving attendees an engaging, entertaining, and educational experience.  

One of the youngest people to be inducted in the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame, Hewlett is also the recipient of the Star Award from the SCERA Center for the Arts and was invited to be part of a Middle East Tour in support of U.S. Military members in Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Africa. 

Hewlett is passionate about supporting worthy causes around his home state of Utah. He and his family donate over 20 hours a month to community service, volunteering, mentoring outreach, and philanthropy. 


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