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ECONorthwest is an independent economic consulting firm. Since 1974, we have worked with a variety of public and private clients across the country, offering economic perspectives on issues ranging from wildfire recovery to education inequities and affordable housing. Our clients have one thing in common – they want insightful, rigorous analyses to strengthen policy and investment decisions.

Our staff are top-notch: seasoned economists, savvy analysts, creative policy wonks, exceptional evaluators, and talented communicators. We collaborate across disciplines. We use the best analytic methods available. We incorporate multiple perspectives. Our products are clear and concise.


Missing Middle Housing Spotlight
The Contributions of Indian Gaming to Oregon’s Economy in 2018 & 2019
Redefining Economic Success in Washington State

Products Offered

  • Education & Social Policy
  • Environmental & Natual Resources
  • Development & Transportation
  • Litigation
  • Analytics