This is a Roundtable Session

Being in the Credit Union Movement not only means giving back to the community but also being part of it — but how do you do that well? Earlier at MAXX, Patrick Galvin presented seven rules from his book, “The Connector’s Way,” where he shared practical strategies to nurture the transformative power of genuine connections.

In this roundtable session, you will journey alongside Galvin and CU community leaders as you discover how to build more engaged, authentic, and meaningful connections within your community. Galvin offers conceptualized ideas for various approaches to attracting and fostering great relationships using seven simple, yet powerful rules for building business.

This moderated peer-to-peer discussion will expose you to new ways of thinking to help elevate your engagement strategies and ultimately better serve all members of your community.

Event Date / Time

October 5th from 1:15 pm 2:30 pm


Room 205
Spokane Convention Center


Patrick Galvin
Speaker, Author, Co-Founder, & Coach