Thousands of credit union professionals know firsthand that MAXX is a “can’t-miss” experience.

We are headed to Denver for the biggest credit union event in the West! Join us and over a thousand credit union professionals to network like you can only do at MAXX, learn from renowned industry leaders, engage with cutting-edge solutions, and experience the must-attend signature event that inspires and elevates you!

A High-Level Take on the MAXX Experience:

  • Network like nowhere else
  • Every year, attendees rave about the professional community at MAXX.
  • We bring the future of credit union technology to you. With over 120 solutions booths and the collective trusted reviews among your MAXX network, it is the most efficient way to explore the latest in possibilities for your credit union.
  • Education to transform your credit union
  • There’s something for everyone – keynotes, small groups, roundtables, and, most importantly, topics that address the biggest credit union obstacles and opportunities.
  • Community impact on a monumental scale
  • Regional credit unions raised $1.2 million for the Children’s Miracle Network last year – and we are doing it again at the annual MAXX Auction!
  • We will come together as a Movement and give back to the local community with a service project.


Grassroots advocacy is really important.  Onward and upward! We are moving ahead! A great introduction to GoWest.  What power! What synergy! It’s incredible.
Mark Lodine, Board Member, Horizon CU
The philosophy of people helping people stands the test of time.  And that was reinforced for me. The bedrock of credit unions is alive and well.  It’s inspiring.
2022 Attendee
There’s always strength in numbers and when you’ve got that much heart in one room, and you’ve got the collaboration, it gives you a much better foundation for whatever you think is impossible to become more likely possible
Ynette Gibbs, Newrizons FCU
We need to be more accepting of other people’s views and sit down and talk. We’re here to serve all different types of members.  Our goal as credit unions is people helping people whatever their circumstance is. How do we help them be better financially, how do we help them with education?  I think we can help shape the tenor of the times by being more cooperative.
Brenda Worrell, COO, Idaho Central CU
Reaching out to our members, trying to be there for them during difficult times, especially to underserved populations and those in need.  I see even more struggle out there now than during the pandemic.
Stacey Bonell, Newrizons FCU
It’s really all about how we serve our communities.  It can even be the little things…that story about paying off lunch tabs…it was awesome, what a wonderful thing, I wouldn’t have thought of that!
Cindy Hodges, Clarity CU
We have the power to make changes. We have to come together to collaborate and work together with other credit unions and come up with some processes to move forward. We havethe power to do that.  If you get that movement behind everybody, the passion…I felt it… we will be able to get there. It takes everybody working together.
Gracie Franks, Clarity CU
What stuck with me was the fact that you are not stuck in traffic, you are the traffic.  Often we say we are under the pressure of something, rather than saying I’m part of this change, I’m part of this movement.  The idea that I’m not stuck in traffic, I am the traffic, changes the onus.   Keeping the momentum going without saying ‘oh, woe is me’.  Keeping that positivity is really important.
Katie Caldwell, Salal CU