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Webinar: What’s Your Employee Retention Strategy? Led by Jill Nowacki

The Great Resignation… The Secession… The Grand Reshuffling… Whatever headline grabs your attention, you have likely read something that left you worried about attracting and retaining top talent. In this session, Jill Nowacki guides leaders to a deeper understanding of employee expectations and how leaders can meet those expectations in a way that engages and retains your diverse workforce. Leaders will leave this session with specific actions and ideas for how your credit union can take steps to win the war for talent—no matter how competitive it gets!

About our Speaker:
Jill Nowacki started her career with credit unions in 2001. She has taken on leadership roles at credit unions and state and national trade associations, including serving as the President/CEO of the Credit Union League of Connecticut. In 2019, Jill founded Humanidei, a human capital strategies firm that helps credit unions build inclusive cultures that attract, develop, and retain top talent—from the front line through the Board of Directors.

By strategically addressing the value of human capital, credit unions can create environments where people bring their best, authentic selves to work; resulting in diversity in thought, increased innovation, stronger succession planning, and ultimately: Relevant, growing credit unions that expand the economic capacity of the members and communities they serve.

Jill has worked with credit union leaders throughout her career to introduce the business and human capital strategies that lead to growth. She is a sought-after speaker and thought leader on leadership, diversity, and strategic planning.

Jill holds a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Montana and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Public Relations from Carroll College (Helena, Montana). She is a certified International Credit Union Development Educator, a Certified Association Executive (CAE), and a Certified Diversity Executive (CDE).

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