Join your Association this July for a two-part virtual Advocacy Training workshop, where you’ll learn how credit union stories and Advocacy go hand in hand, and how to advocate in the current climate. This program is intended to help credit union professionals at all levels hone their advocacy skills and deepen their understanding of the Credit Union Movement. This virtual training will take place over two sessions to allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of both regional and federal Advocacy. Learn more below! 

During this two-part virtual workshop, attendees will delve into what it means to be a credit union advocate while receiving the tools and training needed to maximize their impact through a personal and credit union-specific engagement strategy. The Association’s advocacy team will lead discussions about the many ways attendees can engage in credit union advocacy and the best practices for doing so. Guest speakers will provide valuable insight into the best ways to message the Credit Union Difference to different audiences, as well as demystify the ideas of lobbying and advocacy.  

  • Learn how to communicate with elected officials and articulate the Credit Union Difference and move the needle on credit union legislation.  
  • Develop a greater understanding of the ways in which you can engage in credit union advocacy at the local, state, and Federal Level. 
  • Create a personal advocacy strategy for you and your credit union.