18 Young Professionals Dive Deep into the Credit Union Movement at MAXX 2022

An inside look at what YPs had to share about their experience at MAXX 2022 to help you decide if getting more involved is right for you.


Save the Date for MAXX 2023!

Find out who’s hosting MAXX 2023 and why YOU should plan on being there.


Credit Unions Raise $1.1 Million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals During MAXX Convention

The Credit Unions for Kids fundraising tradition will support 11 CMN hospitals in the GoWest region


MAXX Trade Show: Offering Insights, Resources, Opportunities, and Partnerships

The Tradeshow was fresh, fun, and timely as the exhibitors were tailored to meet the current needs of credit unions of all sizes — resulting in high praise from attendees.


Credit Union Leaders Inspired to Take Action to Set the Tenor of the Times

More than 1,000 professionals serving credit unions and their members across six western states joined together under a united vision at MAXX 2022.


New Insights Fuel Optimism for MAXX 2022 Session Attendees

An inside look at the thoughts and experiences of credit union professionals who attended MAXX 2022.


GoWest Foundation Shines a Light on Community Impact at MAXX 2022

MAXX 2022 Foundation Breakfast attendees learned about the Foundation’s role as a catalyst for credit union community impact initiatives.


MAXX CU Celebration Dinner Highlights Impact, Strengthens Bonds

GoWest credit unions celebrated each other as conversation flowed between how they have uniquely impacted their teams, members, and communities.


Excitement Fills the Air as MAXX 2022 Kicks-Off!

This marks the first in-person meeting of the credit union community of the newly formed six-state association and will be vital to setting the tone for the future of GoWest credit unions.


Before You Head to MAXX Next Week… Read This!

MAXX 2022 is a week away! Here are a few tips and reminders to make sure MAXX is your professional highlight of the year.


First Time Attendee’s Guide to MAXX 2022

Here are some best practices, tips, and tricks to get the most out of your MAXX experience.

What’s the Deal with Talent Retention?

Culture is at the crux of the talent retention challenges and MAXX 2022 is excited to present several culture-focused sessions to help attract and keep your best talent.


Download this App Now to MAXXimize Your Convention Experience

The GoWest Events App is THE must-have tool to have at MAXX, with features like floorplan, agenda, media sharing, and announcements — it will ensure you don’t miss a thing!


Get Ready for a New, One-of-a-Kind Celebration at MAXX 2022

Grab an item that best represents your credit union, and we’ll see you at the Credit Union Celebration Dinner at MAXX 2022, Oct. 27.


Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity, & More!

Lean into the future of banking as you’re guided through the evolving and varied cyber landscape at MAXX 2022!


How to Find Your Winning Team and Accomplish More

The right team makes all the difference, so we are bringing together 100-plus trusted business partners in one place so you can discover the possibilities.


30+ Breakout Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss at MAXX 2022

With 30+ breakout sessions covering a range of top-of-mind topics, MAXX is poised to be a value-packed experience for all credit union professionals.


Now Accepting Donations: A Silent Auction for CU4Kids

Making a difference is easier than ever at this year’s exclusively online Silent Auction. Register your donation today!


Create a Deeply Engaged Workplace with Shane Feldman at MAXX 2022

In traveling the globe, Feldman has decoded frameworks that help leaders build a stronger, more connected organizational culture.


Fortify Your Credit Union Against Cybercrime with John Sileo at MAXX 2022

As a cybercrime victim turned cybersecurity expert, Sileo will deliver a credit union-tailored plan with actionable steps to protect your member data and assets.